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Designated Drivers at Southland Yellow Cab Co.
We will drive you and your car home safely.


Honestly we believe that leaving your car at home eliminates the temptation of drunk driving and for that reason we always encourage everyone to take a taxicab TO the bar. Sometimes though you find yourself sitting in the bar with the key in your pocket trying to decide how you are going to get back to your car in the morning. Our drivers have been offering this service for over ten years now and we want to explain here how it works. You basically call our dispatch (for rides before 1am or after 2am) and request two of our taxicab drivers. One driver will drive your car and the other will drive one of the taxicabs, both taking the same exact route. Starting at
you essentially pay double the taxicab meter rate, which does allow you to make multiple stops to drop off your friends. Please understand that although our normal taxi services are available 24 hours per day - 365 days per year, these rides which require two of our drivers should be done before 1am or after 2am (In some areas this service is not available until after 3am). This is because of our normal demand for all of our customers that took a taxi to the bar, most of which need rides home between the hours of 1am and 2am (when almost all of the bars are closing). So if you know that you are going to be drinking we hope that you will leave your car at home and take a cab, but if your plans change after you leave the house we will be here to get you and your car home safely.

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Disclaimer: Not always available in all areas. Our drivers will ask for proof of valid registration, insurance and the actual registered owner of the vehicle must show ID and must sign a waiver allowing someone to drive their car. Our Corporation, insurance and independent contractor drivers are not responsible for any problems with your own vehicle (that is why you have your own insurance) and yes you will need to wait for both drivers to arrive. We are happy to provide this service to those that did not think ahead to take a taxi from home (so that you will not drink & drive), however if you are concerned about having someone else drive your car, then you should leave it at home to begin with and take a taxi to any location where you may choose to drink. Furthermore tipping is not legally required, however anyone who tips less than 20% in a restaurant or in a taxi at night should just stay home ;-)