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Special Event Security

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Weekly Part-Time Positions and Special Event One-Time Only Positions Available now. You must already have a full-time day job, this is Part-Time and this is not "observe and report only" security work. You must have this work in your blood, not simply out of work looking for anything. Furthermore although size, ability and willingness to continue learning are all essential, these positions are for Officers not bouncers. Do not waist our time or yours if you are unable to pass a drug test and/or if you have any felony convictions which would prevent you from obtaining a State of California Guard Card. These are positions of integrity and respect.

NOTE: Unlike "Company B" which requires no possible conflicts of interest for our weekly Part-Time staff, those applying for "Company C" (which does not guarantee hours every week) may work other security related and/or event related positions elsewhere. You may work in "Company C" today and apply for "Company B" in the future.


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“Consistent with the Department's philosophy of using the minimum amount of force necessary to control violent suspects, the Department has tested and approved the use of certain nonlethal control devices. It is anticipated that the use of these devices will result in fewer altercation-related injuries to officers and suspects.”

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