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Your guide to and for nightlife in Southern California



Membership Guidelines for the SoCal Bars & Nightclubs Web-Ring (NetRing)

The SoCal Bars & Nightclubs Web-Ring is for bars and nightclubs located in Southern California. Membership in the ring is free, however the code must be placed on the same page you are submitting and we do reserve the right to refuse or remove any site, for any reason. If you have a business site and need help joining the ring, then we suggest hiring a professional website designer (but we will help you for free). If you try everything and still need help, email us at

Business owners having trouble with the ring and/or their website (looks ugly or no one local has ever seen it)... PLEASE call us for a free consultation.

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By now there is correct copy of the ring code waiting in your email.  If you think you know what you are doing, you can copy & paste this webring code to your website, however just remember to correct the user id number and save the image to your own website.

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Once you have joined, saved our image to your computer and placed the webring on your website, you must send an e-mail to


If you have done everything correctly, below is how the ring should look on your website.  Once the Ring Owner has approved your application, you will be enjoying the benefits of hundreds of new visitors to your website. Click here to view ring stats.


This site is a member of the SoCal Bars & Nightclubs Net Ring
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138, 14, 18, 21, 5, 661, 70’s, 80’s, 805, 818, 90’s, &, A, Acid, Afterhours, After Hours, Age, Ages, Airport, Alcohol, All, And, Attire, B4, Baile, Band, Banda, Bands, Bar, Bars, Battle, Beer, Before, Beverage, Beverages, Bikini, Billiard, Billiards, Body, Booze, CA, Cabaret, Café, Cage, Cali, California, Can, Cantina, Cards, Casual, Champaign, Cigar, Classic, Club, Clubs, Cocktail, Code, College, Complimentary, Contest, Contests, Cover, Credit, Cumbia, Damas, Dance, Dancing, Darts, Deep, Disco, DJ, DJ’s, Domestic, Domestics, Draft, Dress, Drink, Drinking, Drinks, En, Entertainment, Espanol, Especiales, Establishment, Establishments, Event, Eventos, Events, Female, Flashback, Floor, FM, Formal, Free, Full, Fully, Girls, Go-Go, Gratis, Group, Groups, Grupo, Guest, Hall, Halls, Happy, Hard, Hip Hop, Hot, Hour, House, ID, Identification, Import, Imports, Industrial, International, LA, Ladies, Laser, Las Vegas, Latin, Legs, Light, Liquor, List, Live, Los Angeles, Lounge, LV, Male, Merengue, Mic, Mix, Mixed, Music, Musica, Musical, N, Night, Nightclub, Nightclubs, Nightlife, No, Non, Open, Over, Parking, Party, Pass, Patio, Pitchers, Pole, Pool, Pop, Pub, Rave, Raves, Restaurant, Revue, Rock, Roll, Saloon, Saloons, Salsa, San Diego, Satellite, SD, Security, Service, Services, Shirt, Shot, Shots, Show, Single, Singles, Smoking, So, Southern, Special, Specials, Sports, Stage, Stocked, T, Table, Tables, Talent, Tavern, Tecno, Tequila, Ticket, Tickets, Tijuana, TJ, Trance, Tropical, TV, T-shirt, Under, Upscale, Valet, Valid, Venue, VIP, Vivo, Wet, Wine, You

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