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Advertise Inside Local Taxicabs


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No other form of advertising in the world can hold the attention of its audience for as long as advertising inside a taxicab. If you're lucky a television commercial, billboard or newspaper ad may reach someone for 30 seconds to a minute, however with inside taxicab advertising your message is unavoidable by this captive audience. This unbelievably affordable advertising could be seen in each taxicab an estimated 1200 times every month for a remarkable average of fifteen minutes at a time, with inside taxicab advertising.


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The average taxicab in the Antelope Valley operates twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, with multiple drivers and the use of an illuminated interior display ensures that your ad is also visible in the evening. With up to 30” x 5” of potential advertising space, you can choose from; quarter, half and full size displays, to match your goals and budget. Rates are based on the number of taxicabs included for any particular month.


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Marketing campaigns for illuminated interior display advertising inside local taxicabs start at only $300 per month for your continuously featured full color message in ten taxicabs and our associates can provide you assistance with preparing your ads. That is approximately .025 per, for 27.5 sq. inches; try asking your telephone book representative for this level of pricing and then ask if your potential customer will stare at your ad for over ten minutes. The popularity of this form of advertising is growing worldwide and the local concentration of each campaign is an added bonus. For more information contact Alfred today and please include the name of your business: Southland


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